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Project Description
Displays the status of all build definitions from TFS or Visual Studio Online.
Tested with TFS 2013, 2015, 2015 Update 1 & Visual Studio Online.

All you need is IIS and a browser.


  • Tested with TFS 2013, 2015, 2015 Update 1 & Visual Studio Online
  • Implemented as a web page view using ASP.NET & AngularJS
  • Doubleclicking a badge shows the buildlog
  • Layout configuration is stored as a cookie so we can easily restore the view next time the page is shown
  • Possibility to retry failed builds
  • 2 different layouts and 2 badge sizes
  • Badges are grouped by their team project name
  • Information shown in each badge:
    • Build definition name
    • Build status
    • Requested by
    • Start time
    • Duration
    • Build history is shown as a dropdown menu
    • Build icon
    • Retry icon for failed builds

Screenshot, Flowing small:

Screenshot, Flowing large:

Screenshot, Boxed small:


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